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NutriTiming® provides a proven, simple and effective weight management tool that:

  • Identifies your energy balance target zone for each hour of the day
  • Promotes loss of fat
  • Optimizes muscle mass
  • Guides you to make real-time decisions about what you eat
  • Enables energy balancing of your activity expenditures versus food intake
  • Easy-to-use program from any computer and iOS or other mobile devices

NutriTiming® iOS App for iPhone / iTouch / iPad

  • For basic energy balance assessment, with sync capabilities through your NutriTiming® Advantage account
  • $0.99 one-time fee through the App Store
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NutriTiming® Advantage

  • A web-based program for your computer or smartphone. Additional sync capabilities through your NutriTiming® iOS App. Learn how to best match your physical activity with the energy and nutrients from the foods you eat.
  • $7.00 per month through PayPal
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NutriTiming® Professional

  • For Registered Dietitians and other health professionals. A stand-alone program with powerful direct links to client NutriTiming® Advantage accounts, enabling personalized assessments and food plans.
  • $240 per year through PayPal
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