About NutriTiming® Advantage

NutriTiming® is the only program that assesses ‘within-day energy balance’ (i.e., energy balance in real time rather than at the end of the day or at the end of 24-hours.)  Staying in good within-day energy balance by removing large peaks in energy surpluses and energy deficits has been found to be a critical factor in weight loss, improvement in body composition, helping athletes achieve optimal performance, and better sense of well-being.  The NutriTiming® program, which runs on iOS devices and/or the web, can help users stay in the desirable energy-balance range during the day.

The NutriTiming® iOS App and NutriTiming® Advantage are fully-functional stand-alone programs with similar functionality.  Both programs provide an easy interface for entering foods and activity to determine within-day energy balance and energy substrate (i.e., carbohydrate, protein, and fat) intake, both of which are provided in numerical and graphical form.  This information enables the user to adjust eating and exercise habits in a way that sustains a better within-day energy balance.  NutriTiming® Advantage also provides several additional features (see bulleted list below.)

Resting energy expenditure is predicted using a well-established and validated equation (Harris-Benedict) that incorporates the user’s height, weight, gender, and age to determine caloric expenditure at rest.  The user can override this information if they have had resting or basal energy expenditure measured through indirect or direct calorimetry, or a related method.

The energy expended in activity is based on a 1 to 7 relative intensity scale (1=rest; 7=exhaustive activity).  Both time of activity and intensity of activity can be selected, and the caloric cost of activity is displayed so that users can optionally adjust intensity to match the energy expenditure derived from a worn device (heart-rate monitor, accelerometer, etc.).

Only activities with intensities above normal daily activities need to be entered, as all other times are predicted.  This is a timesaving feature.  In addition, activities can be labeled to more easily remember what was done during the day.

NutriTiming® Advantage has the same basic functionality as NutriTiming® on iOS devices, and costs $7.00 per month.  In addition to the within-day energy balance functionality on iOS devices, NutriTiming® Advantage also provides the ability to:

  • automatically assess (no addition user input) vitamin and mineral intake for each assessed day;
  • store an infinite number of analysis days (the iOS App stores the most recent 7 days of analysis);
  • interact with a nutrition/dietetic/health expert who has NutriTiming® NutriTiming® Professional (expert fee not included) for dietary consultation;
  • print out energy balance and vitamin-mineral analysis results, both on your printer or to PDF files for storage on your computer and/or delivery as an email attachment;
  • and automatically synchronize with the NutriTiming® iOS App so that the most recent food intake and activity inputs are on both platforms. If you do a partial analysis on an iOS device, you can complete the entries on the web and vice versa.

For a more comprehensive overview of NutriTiming® Advantage functionality, please access "NutriTiming® Product Manuals" from the home page.

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Sample display screens from the NutriTiming® Advantage account

Figure 1.  Example of a Within-Day Energy Balance graph produced by the NutriTiming® Advantage Account


Figure 2.  Energy substrate distribution chart produced by the Advantage account


Figure 3.  Hourly view in the NutriTiming® Advantage Account, displaying calories burned during activity, calories consumed from food, and a within-day energy balance for each hour.  Hours in 'red' are outside the desirable range of ± 400 Calories.


Figure 4.  A partial list of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, protein, fat) that are automatically analyzed with NutriTiming® Advantage.  The display produces a 'green' bar if nutrients are > 75% and < 125% of the requirement; a 'red' bar if nutrients are > 125% of requirement; and a 'yellow' bar if nutrients are < 75% of requirement.