NutriTiming® Manuals

The NutriTiming® system offers three distinct programs with interconnectivity.  The NutriTiming® iOS App is ideal for entering food intake and activity while you're on the 'go', and will instantly provide you with real-time energy balance (as numerical output and graph), and the distribution of carbohydrate, protein, and fat (as numerical output and pie chart).  Click on the NutriTiming® iOS APP Manual below for a comprehensive list of features and functionality.

If you want more information, NutriTiming® Advantage provides you with the same functionality as the NutriTiming® iOS App, but through your computer's web browser.  NutriTiming® Advantage will also provide you with a comprehensive list of the vitamins and minerals you consumed, and compare your intake with the United States Dietary Reference Intakes, adjusted for your age and gender.  NutriTiming® Advantage also has printouts that you can send to your printer or save as PDF files on your computer for later reference.  Importantly, NutriTiming® Advantage and the NutriTiming® iOS App will synchronize with each other, so you can interactively use both to assess your within-day energy balance and nutrient intake.  Click on the NutriTiming® Advantage Manual below for a comprehensive list of features and functionality.

NutriTiming® Professional provides the ideal interface for a health professional who wants to monitor client energy balance and nutrient intake, and provide feedback for improvement.  The interface provides a variety of useful printouts, and a unique way of improving a client's food and exercise pattern to help them do better.  When NutriTiming® Advantage and NutriTiming® Professional users connect with each other, the NutriTiming® Advantage user can receive useful improvement information from the NutriTiming® Professional user, who can focus on using their valuable expertise to help the client rather than dealing with systems that fall short on interactivity.  Click on the NutriTiming® Professional Manual below for a comprehensive list of features and functionality.

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Figure 1.  Sample graphical printout from NutriTiming® Expert